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ITT programme


I have learnt useful information from the course tutors and other participants on the course.

Further courses would be beneficial.


Principles into Practice

Very informative and helpful for practice, thanks for this course I know what I am doing, what is important and how to observe the individual child. Thank you very much!


Characteristics of Learning

Have taken away some very useful knowledge that I have already put into practice, still eager to learn more and improve practice.Very interesting to learn about how settings do aspects differently. Information provided extremely relevant, left me wanting to do further research. Good discussions in each session. If anything, subjects could have been elaborated on further although I’m aware there is a limited time frame. Overall brilliant


Principles into Practice

Thanks very much for running the session tonight it was really very helpful!


Successful ITT Candidate

Firstly can I say a big thank you for last night’s literacy session; it was really useful. I left with a ‘can do attitude’ and my literacy test is now booked!


Successful ITT Candidate

I am so delighted about getting a conditional offer from you at Cambridge early years teaching school!



Successful ITT Candidate

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