Cambridge Early Years Teaching School Hubs

What is a 'Hub'?
A Hub is a local network of practitioners who are confident to share their practice so that all members of the group can learn from each other.
Can I join a Hub?
If there is a Hub to join in your area and you are an Early Years Practitioner you may join! The Hubs are an excellent way of meeting others from local schools and settings and working together to build quality for all children in your area. Membership is free and practitioners working in any type of Early Years setting are welcome.
How often do Hubs meet?
Each Hub decides on how often they would like to meet; approximately 4 times a year seems to work. Meeting times will be agreed and the group will decide on the content or ‘themes’ together; for example they may decide they want to share specific ways they are developing children’s language and communication or they may address how they involve parents in children’s learning. Each member will bring along an aspect of their practice, based on the theme, to share with the group.
How will I know what's on?
There will be a lead practitioner for each Hub who will send out meeting dates, gather feedback, adjust content for the needs of the group etc. As well as the meetings there will be some extra events or training opportunities, again the group can decide what they might like. Common themes might be working together on the Early Years Pupil Premium or getting to know the new OFSTED framework, but these can be decided by the Hub and attendance is always on a voluntary basis.
What will I get from joining a Hub?
We hope that the Hubs will offer peer-to-peer support for improving quality together. The Early Years workforce is an amazing workforce full of skilled and dedicated people. Time is a challenge for us all but sharing good practice gives us affirmation, inspiration and a chance to celebrate what we do well. We hope many practitioners will want to be a part of the Hubs and offer support to each other as well as finding support for themselves.
If you would like to find out more about our Hubs please email;

Hubs Launch

See if there is a Hub near you. If not, get in touch and we’ll help you start your own!

Communication and Language Training Twilight event 26th April 2016