Homerton Hub

Homerton are a thriving and established Hub and are working on a joint project aimed at developing children’s health. Please see our Draft Action Plan below to find out more about our meeting dates and our approach to our joint project:

Draft Action Plan

Whole Hub Oral Hygiene and Healthy Eating Project


To promote oral hygiene and healthy eating within all Hub member settings, in order to demonstrate an increase in knowledge and understanding of children and families.

Objective Resources needed Measurement of task completion and (by whom) Target date Status
1.      Access to leaflets and posters for families around oral health and healthy eating.


2.      Identify Community Dentist and/or Nutritionist to come to come to Hub settings.



3.      Activity with children to create a baseline around healthy eating e.g. sorting and categorising.



4.      a) Share ideas for home -based parent healthy eating.

b) Jointly produce a questionnaire for parents.















5.      Put up displays in all Hub members settings on healthy eating and/or oral hygiene and/or physical activity
















6.      Collect data to measure impact of project on children’s and families knowledge and understanding of the importance of good oral hygiene and healthy eating.






7.      Evaluation of project.

Access to sources of information.





Contact details of Community Dentist.






Focus activity plan and relevant resources to carry out activity.






All ideas and resources for home-based parent healthy eating e.g. Baby Unicorns share using their wooden spoon, cook books, food tasting……

Share policies in this area of practice from Hub settings.


Hub members bring along any ideas on how we could produce a questionnaire for parents to find out their views and/or understanding on the importance of good oral health and nutrition.




Leaflets, photographs etc to display from various sources and from each setting.


















Focus activity plan and relevant resources to carry out activity (same activity carried out for baseline).

Questionnaires for families.











Data, evaluation, photographic evidence….

Information will be shared and/or distributed at Hub meeting (Bernie).




a) Contact details will be emailed to Bernie and Vicky (Teri).

b) Contact details will be shared with all Hub members.


Focus activity plan, baseline data, evaluation and photographic evidence (all Hub members).





Sharing of ideas (by all Hub members).









Produce questionnaire (all Hub members)










Bernie and Vicky will research some sources of information from NHS, Healthy Body Happy Me, Change for Life…..and share with Hub members either by email or delivery (Any resources to be shared by Hub members can be sent to Bernie via the Hub email) Hub members will create displays suitable for their own settings and photograph displays, record feedback and/or comments from children and families for evidence of impact. (All Hub members)


Focus activity plan, data, evaluation and photographic evidence Also include evidence from observation, assessment (EYFS) and completed parent questionnaires (All Hub members).








Share data as a group to evaluate project (All Hub members).



Hub meeting: 1/12/2015













Hub meeting: 1/12/2015








Hub meeting: 23/02/2016 (attended by John 4Children).























































Hub meeting: 10.05.2016
















































































Ongoing Actions: