Huntingdon Hub

HUB meeting notes: Monday 18th January 2016.

6-7:30pm (most left at 8pm)

Practitioners present:

Nikki/ Chris/ Sharon – Huntingdon nursery school

Susan/ Becky – Greenfields day nursery

Tina/ Chrissie – A flying start nursery

Dawn/ Margaret – Needingworth Pre School

Megan/ Nicole – Playdays nursery

Sarah – St Leonards Pre School

Philie – Thongsley Fields Primary and nursery School

Sarah – Childminder


From the first meeting, several settings wanted to talk about and share ideas of how we manage to document children’s development using learning journeys.  Along with this, most settings wanted to discuss how others set next steps and display these in their settings.


Staff from Huntingdon Nursery School opened the discussion regarding next steps.  They discussed how they track children on a weekly basis, using up to date next steps set by each child’s key worker.  Another strategy which also worked in the 2’s room was photo sheets with each child’s next steps for prime areas.  Several settings said how they liked the format at it was very visual and easy to see and understand.  Sarah from St Leonards Pre School questioned where they were kept and if they were visible for parents to see.  This then lead onto a discussion regarding the confidentiality/ sensitivity of information we share/ have on show concerning children and their learning and development.


Sarah shared that at her setting they have a star display board (where the children are now) and next to their star a rocket for where the adult has set their next step.  Parents are able to come in and look at their child’s next step and can ask for advice on how they can support this at home.  Settings had various different ways of displaying information and sharing the next steps with parents including ‘all about me’ booklets which were sent home half termly for if there had been anything significant happening at home or if they felt they had something to share.  Another strategy was to have white boards alongside planning sheets to have next steps written on and then changes/ rubbed off if they felt they had met them and needed to move on.

It became apparent that many different settings had different strategies of showing next steps.  We had several discussions including:

  • How they were available for all staff members to know what is next for each child.
  • How it is displayed so parents can have access and team members other than key workers could see next steps.
  • Confidentiality of personal information.
  • How often next steps are reviewed/ set again.


We then went on to sharing our learning journeys.  Everyone had the opportunity to have a look through several different journeys from different settings at the beginning of the session.  As a group we discussed:

  • How they were set out e.g. in curriculum areas or chronologically
  • Several preschools had said they did it chronologically due to parent’s preference, whereas other settings separated their files into the 7 areas of the EYFS.
  • How we used them to communicate with parents at parent meetings and how at some settings parents help to set next steps for their children.
  • How we show next steps/evidence anything additional that has been put into place for a child e.g. SLT. (such as a log at the front/ back of the file dated and a brief explanation of what has been advised/ suggested/ and follow up notes also to be evidenced)
  • Involving children and giving them to opportunity to share their learning journey with their key worker at the beginning and end of session times.
  • Giving the learning journeys to parents to take home and share with family members/ the child.

Monday 18th January Helping Hands Hubs at Huntingdon Nursery School

invites you to a meeting about:


Learning Journeys:

Documenting children’s leaning and development;

How we document children’s progress alongside EYFS;

How we plan for children’s next steps;

How we implement their next steps into our planning.


How do you document children’s learning and development?

How do you record keep and assess?  

How do you plan for children’s next steps?

How is this evident in your planning?


The aim of the meeting is to share how we record children’s learning and development. Also how we assess the children and plan for their next steps/ how we incorporate their next steps in the planning.

Please bring with you examples of learning journeys from your setting and any evidence of children’s next steps and how they are implemented into your daily/ weekly plans.

Monday 18th January

Would you be interested in coming along to share your ideas and to get new ideas from other settings?

Monday 18th January


6:00- 7:30 pm


Huntingdon Nursery School,

Ambury Road


PE29 1AD

We look forward to seeing you.

Please email:

to confirm your attendance.

Monday 14th December 2015 Meeting Notes

Click on the image to download:Huntingdon Dec 2015

The next meeting is On Monday 14th December 2015 6-730/8pm.

Wednesday 18th November 2015

HUB meeting notes: Wednesday 18th November 2015.

Present: 6-7:30 (left at 8pm)

Susan and Megan (Greenfield Day nursery)

Philie (Thongsley Fields)

Chrissie and Tina (A flying start nursery)

Megan and Nicole (Playdays nursery)

Dawn and Margaret (Needingworth Pre-school)


Nikki, Chris and Sharon welcomed practitioners into the green room, on arrival refreshments were available.

Short introduction to get to know one another – practitioners introduced themselves and gave a brief description of their setting.  At this point two of the settings discussed about recent Ofsted inspections they had recently had.  This then led a discussion about how they went and what their experiences were.

We then all went and had a look around the class at the general provision, looking at the 2’s room, 3-4 room, nursery news display, superstar board display, group room (sensory room) and allowed time for questions as they arose.

Following on from this, we then came back into the green room to talk about what it is we want to focus on over the year and talk about in the following meetings.  Items that we will discuss in the future:

  • Parents and partners and how to communicate effectively with parents
  • Supporting children with EAL
  • How to implement next steps
  • Learning journeys
  • Keeping activities stimulating and exciting
  • Letters and Sounds

The next meeting is On Monday 14th December 2015 6-730/8pm. We have discussed together how we communicate effectively with parents and how we involve them in their children’s learning and development.