South Cambs and City Hub

South Cambs and City

 Hub Launch Notes

Wednesday 11th November 2015-6.30pm  

T. and M. led a brief introduction about the ‘Hub’ launch and the aim of developing a local network for practitioners to share practice and learn from each other to ‘improve quality of Early Years practice for better outcomes for children and their families’. It was explained that the South Cambs and City Hub is aimed to be a ‘partnership working’ between all members, with the aim that, over time an, established network of Early Years practitioners, educators and childminders will identify, plan, share and organise meetings that provide quality peer-to-peer support. This will in turn provide, opportunities to develop practice and enhance Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Tanya and Maria will be the initial contacts for the hub sharing of information and contacts via

The Hub is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Network with other practitioners.
  • Generate peer support.
  • Offer continuous professional development
  • Raise quality of early years practice
  • Develop joint partnerships working group.

An introduction took place with us ‘getting to know each other’, sharing who everyone was, our job role and setting.

Carole Faulkner lead an inspiring session on ‘soft toy maths’, providing everyone with the opportunity to hear about the history behind Soft Toy Maths, how to make the sets, how they can be used to promote and support children’s holistic learning. A key focus was on developing Mathematical concepts, language and problem solving. There was time for everyone to explore and investigate the inspirational and well presented ‘soft toy maths sets’. Carole provided everyone with planning sheets to provoke discussion and thoughts into creating a soft toy maths set to develop within our own setting (see attached sheets). The creative ideas were shared and discussed leaving us all enthusiastic and motivated to find people who can knit items and finding the best places to budget shop.

The shared ideas of ‘soft toy maths sets’ practitioners would like to develop.


Everyone used a word to describe the evening and their impressions (or some short phrases).

  • Inspiring
  • Entertaining
  • Empowered
  • Motivated
  • Fantastic and friendly
  • Bringing it back
  • Useful
  • Fun recycled

Two key areas were identified as areas of focus for the next ‘hub’ sessions.

  • Outdoor learning – (Bring along photos for sharing practice)
  • Speech Language, EAL talking books



As a group it was decided that Outdoor learning would be the focus of the next hub meeting; it was suggested that people brought photos to share their own practice within their setting to share ideas, present challenges and promote discussion. Alison agreed to host the hub at her setting and the date and time was set as stated below:

Theme: Outdoor Learning

Date: Wednesday 16th March 6.30pm start.

Location: Chestnut Nursery, Chesterton

It was agreed that everyone would inform colleagues from their own and other setting’s to increase uptake and help establish a strong network of practitioners for the South Cambs and City Hub. Tanya and Maria will liaise with Alison for the arrangements of the next meeting and will send out invitations to all local Nurseries, Schools and Childminders.