Cambridge and Peterborough Local Authority is participating in the ‘ 50 things to do before you’re 5’ programme which is based around an  App for parents and practitioners  to download to their mobile phones.

  • There is also a website containing the same information for parents and settings in areas where mobile phone coverage is poor. (add website)
  • To access the App type in 50 things to do before you are 5 in a search engine. Scroll down and click on Cambridge, scroll down and add your postcode to access the App. that has adaptations for use in the Cambridgeshire area.
  • There are 50 activity cards in the series – click on the card of your choice and access further resources and suggestions for activities for young children.

Example Activity Card: ‘get to know your child’ is the first activity card.

  • It aims to encourage parents to hold their baby and keep them close, to stroke them rhythmically, talk to them, sing and read to them.  It uses a non-judgmental approach to enhancing home learning environments.
  • Each card describes the activity and explains it and how parents/carers can support it giving further information about resources that parents might find enjoyable and useful.
  • It focuses on parents understanding of what their baby is telling them through his /her body language and vocalisations, suggests appropriate books according to the age of the child.
  • Headings within the activities include:  What you will need, Where, When and Why, top tips, stories to share, key words and links to other activities on the APP.
  • The aim is to offer easy access to play-based activities using the criteria of being fun and universally accessible.

Theoretical Framework that underpins the development of 50 things

Bruner (1983)

Kolbs/Experiential learning Theory   (1984)

Vygotsky’s Social Interactionist Theory of Language (1962)

Belief: A serve and return conversational environment with parents and other significant adults in the lives of preschool children, supports the development of language.

All Cambridgeshire and Peterborough settings can access the 50 things APP. and are asked to identify children/families that might benefit from some of the activities on the cards and support parents to download and use the APP.

For more detail about the setting up and evaluation of the project which originated in Bradford, go to:!/50-things-to-do-before-youre-five

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