Promoting Mathematics

Opportunity to talk about shape, size and position

Here are suggestions where everyday situations give you the opportunity to develop children’s language, understanding and thinking.

Activities, games and ideas are suggested to show you how to support early maths skills. There are also explanations of what learning is happening for your children as they play. For example meal time offers a great opportunity to share and talk about how many, more, less or the same.

Maths Story – Doubling

Told by Marion Leeper

A story with some magic in it. It’s not the magic of fairies or enchanters: it’s the magic of maths! It is told for two girls who know lots about maths and stories, by storyteller Marion Leeper. This story helps children explore doubling, halving, and patterns in numbers: and it can also open up discussions about having enough and not being greedy.  You could make your own doubling pot and play doubling games: or invent a story about the next person to find the doubling pot.

Counting 1-10

Hunting to find hidden numbers.

3 Little Pigs – Number Composition Game

Easy to make and play

The simple to make game is great fun and helps children understand early number 1,2 and 3. They understand what happens when 1 or 2 are taken away and count what is left. The game can also be played with larger numbers.

How to make and play the game.

Number Songs

This collection of a dozen songs focus on practising early number through song.