Art and Craft

Developing fine motor skills

Art and Craft Activities:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Let children express themselves and their feelings
  • Builds relationships and helps children gain independence.

Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Experiences benefit children by:

  • Helping then develop positive relationships
  • Develops their physical strength and skills.
  • Supports the development of communication.
  • Encourages children to be independent and take risks

Cooking and Baking

Enjoyable cooking and baking activities to develop childrens’ learning:

  • Support the development of hand eye coordination and fine motor control
  • Create many language opportunities in a reciprocal environment
  • It gives many opportunities for developing early mathematical concepts

Positive Interactions

Stay positive because it:

  • Happens naturally anywhere, anytime
  • It sets the scene for early learning – number and counting, reading and mark making, talking about feelings
  • It helps children to form close relationships

Types of Children’s Talk

We talk because it:

  • Builds children’s vocabulary
  • Enables children to express their feelings and emotions
  • Helps them to negotiate
  • Helps them to describe and explore the world
  • Is the beginning of understanding number and mathematical thinking

How to Help Children with Their Behaviour

This information sheet builds the relationship between adult and child and encourages adults to see things from the child’s point of view with the clear expectation not to be the perfect parent!

  • Helps children to start to manage their feelings
  • Helps children to see the results of their actions
  • Sets simple ground rules and gives consistent messages about what is expected of them

Sharing Stories with Young Children

The benefits of sharing stories includes:

  • Develops vocabulary
  • Extends vocabulary
  • Develops intonation
  • Helps children to handle books carefully
  • It is the beginning of early reading
  • Extends interest and focus on story sharing and reading
  • Helps children to understand about the feelings and issues affecting others

Encourage Play with Malleable Materials

Why we encourage young children to play with malleable materials

  • Some children are tactile defensive
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Focus and attention
  • Personal and social development

Singing and Rhyme

Singing and rhyme activities stimulate early literacy because:

  • Extends children’s vocabulary
  • Helps children to hear sounds in words
  • Links sounds to actions and objects
  • Helps children to hear rhyming sounds