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Training Course Schedule

All courses delivered online by Serga Collett, Licenced Makaton Tutor.

  • Makaton Taster:
    • New course coming soon
  • Makaton Level 1:
    • 9 hours includes three consecutive sessions
    • 3 March, 10 March, 17 March
    • 5pm to 8pm
    • £69 per person for three sessions (plus Eventbrite booking fee)
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  • Signing for Babies:
    • 12 hours includes six consecutive sessions
    • 12 April, 19 April, 26 April, 3 May, 10 May, 17 May
    • 10am to midday
    • £49 per person for six sessions (plus Eventbrite booking fee)
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Makaton Taster Course

If you are not sure whether Makaton training is for you, try a Makaton Taster session.  These short sessions are designed for people who are interested in finding out about Makaton and deciding whether or not to attend Makaton training.

The Taster gives you a general introduction into what Makaton is and who uses it, with the opportunity to learn a few signs (about 30) and symbols too.

Participants receive handouts covering the vocabulary they have learned and general information regarding further Makaton training and Makaton resources.

Duration 2 hours

Level 1 Makaton

Level 1 training is the starting point for learning Makaton. It is recommended for: parents, family members, carers and workers who would like to use Makaton at home and in their work.

It includes core vocabulary Stages 1 and 2 about individuals immediate needs and vocabulary to establish interaction as well as vocabulary about home, familiar people, objects, food, events and activities.

Duration Our online training for Level 1 is delivered over 3 x 3 hour sessions. This is a minimum of 7 hours training plus breaks.

Many people find this training so inspiring that they want to go onto Level 2.

Signing for Babies

Makaton Signing for Babies (MSB) is for parents, family members or carers who would like to sign with babies and children in their care and have no previous experience of Makaton. These sessions are designed for you and your child to have fun and learn together.

Makaton Signing for Babies training is a series of six sessions designed to encourage the development of communication and language skills in babies and toddlers. All the sessions are fun and interactive for you and your child. You will learn approximately 100 signs and symbols using songs, games and activities.

You will receive a Makaton Signing for Babies Pocket Book which has the signs and symbols you have learned during the sessions. You will also be given a certificate of attendance.

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Other Makaton Training

If you are interested in training for Level 2 to level 4 training please contact us by email.